About us

Royal Bafokeng Nation

Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN) is a small community with big plans. Situated in the North West Province of South Africa, just 120km outside of Johannesburg, this traditional African community is home to 150 000 Setswana-speaking people living across 29 villages, which are clustered into five regions.  

RBN is overseen by the Nation under Kgosi (King) Leruo Tshekedi Molotlegi, the 36th recorded King and the 15th direct father-son line. Kgosi has a strong vision for a sustainable future for his community and is pioneering several initiatives to introduce new business to the area, with a particular focus on cultural and heritage tourism, world-class accommodation and conferencing facilities.

The monarchy’s 1400km2 of land also happens to be on the largest platinum reserve in the world. This discovery was made in 1925 and mining companies now pay RBN for the right to mine these metals. On the back of this they established a sovereign wealth fund, Royal Bafokeng Holdings, a community-based investment company whose growth uplifts and creates intergenerational wealth for the nation.

Royal Bafokeng Holdings is proud to be known as Africa’s most progressive community investment model.

Because of the extraordinary example of servant leadership being successfully showcased in this small community, the Bafokeng are enormously proud of their rich heritage and are eager to show it off to visitors. Aside from their vibrant history, the area is also close to Sun City and the Pilanesberg National Park, both of which attract tourists to the area. By developing and utilising their own unique attractions, the Bafokeng community adds value to the experience of tourists and encourages them to spend time in the area.

To achieve this the Bafokeng Nation has developed ‘Vision 2030’, a long-term plan to create opportunities over the next two decades to become economically self-sufficient participants in the regional and national economy. This means reducing dependency on diminishing mineral assets and developing the nation’s communal assets while advancing the economic empowerment of the community.

The Royal Bafokeng Nation is a proud example of what can be achieved through strong, visionary leaders who put the needs of their people first and who are focusing their attention and resources on a bright, sustainable future.