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Royal Bafokeng Tourism and Hospitality

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Welcome to the Royal Bafokeng Nation. (RBN)

Please join us and explore the rich heritage and warm hospitality of this fascinating region and its people.

Situated in the North West province of South Africa, RBN is a 150 000 strong Setswana-speaking community that is widely touted as the most prosperous and progressive tribe in South Africa.

Bafokeng means ‘people of the dew’ or ‘people of the grass’. The story goes that their ancestors settled in the Rustenburg valley, which captures heavy dew, believing that this held the promise of fertile land and therefore the community would prosper. Despite the struggles the Nation experienced to buy the land, defending it from invaders and imperialists in the process, this prophecy came true in more ways than they could imagine when, in 1925, the world’s largest deposits of Platinum Group Metals were found within their borders.

Thanks to a succession of visionary leaders with an innovative approach to development, the revenue from this mineral resource has been widely invested for the benefit of the community.

The nation is focusing its considerable assets on Vision 2035, developed to enable RBN to become a self-sufficient community. This ambitious goal will be achieved through utilisation of the nation’s current resources to encourage diversification, job creation and investment.

Vision 2030 prioritises tourism and hospitality. Part of its goal is to bring the Nation’s existing infrastructure together with new tourism and hospitality businesses to create a thriving hub of world-class accommodation, conference venues, sports training and wellness facilities, right in the heart of South Africa’s North West province.

RBN looks forward to your visit.